Startups: Get Connected to Microsoft’s Global Partners via Bizspark

Startups: Get Connected to Microsoft’s Global Partners via Bizspark

For our conference we always try to find a good mix of early stage entrepreneurs and start-ups who are eager to change the world and older more seasoned entrepreneurs who can tell us where the world is heading too. To attract those starting entrepreneurs we try to make it affordable to come and once they do we actively connect them to journalists, investors or potential (exit-)partners.

This year we are hosting the 6th edition of The Startup Rally. We give 20 startups a chance to pitch their ideas and announce news to our 1000+ attendees on our main stage. We received more than 200 submissions and have a 3 part process to come to a selection of the 20 most promising ideas. Right now our editors are interviewing semi-finalists who made it to the second round. We will announce the 20 finalists next week.

Today we are happy to announce that we found a strong partner in helping those selected startups even further: Microsoft BizSpark

They are the official sponsor of the Startup Rally and will be present at the conference to talk to startups, help them get connected and give them advice. Microsoft Bizspark is a global program specially designed to accelerate the success of early stage Startups that has existed for a few years now and we are proud to be working with them again this year.

Bizspark gets you access to a global community of Network Partners – business experts who “can help guide you through the hurdles of growing your business, as well as access to full-featured development tools and production licenses for server products and professional technical support.”

In other words; you get access to Microsofts wide network of experienced entrepreneurs and major companies. If you are a startups that isless than three years old, has up to $1m turnover, and is privately held and is creating a product or service for resale you can apply today.

You’ll find more program details at the Bizspark pages. When you’re ready to sign up, contact Mark Voermans to get your enrollment code. Once you have your enrollment code, joining BizSpark is easy and free of charge. You are just encouraged to get a to profile on ‘Bizspark Connect’ so that you are visible to others Startups and Network Partners globally.

Visit the Microsoft BizSpark Website to learn more and don’t feel shy to contact us when you want to meet people at the conference as a startup or are looking for funding. The Next Web Conference and Microsoft Bizspark enjoy getting people connected…

Attend The Next Web Conference and reserve your tickets today. Meet with the most exciting start-ups in our industry!

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