Tingiz brings offline products online with simple, useful mobile sites

Tingiz brings offline products online with simple, useful mobile sites

Launching at the Techonomy conference in Tel Aviv today, Israeli startup Tingiz aims to make it easier to find online information about offline products.

The idea is that manufacturers will attach a Tingiz QR code to their products. Once the owner of the product scans the code with their phone, they’re taken to a Tingiz page containing relevant information in an easily digestible form.

A number of modules are available, enabling features such as PDF downloads (for product manuals and the like); user comments; competitions; polls; Facebook ‘like’ functionality and the ability to order replacement parts. Tingiz is aiming at businesses of all sizes, for small-time craft sellers up to major corporations.

While larger manufacturers could quite easily commission their own mobile microsites to offer such features, Tingiz’s easily configurable featureset is available at a fraction of the development cost. Pricing will be based on the amount of traffic a business generates and the number of modules they utilise on their pages.

There’s just that barrier of awareness of QR codes to get over. However, although starting with QR codes, Tingiz plans to move into Near Field Communication in the future where appropriate. Founder Eyal Shahar is currently bootstrapping the startup and is seeking further funding. He plans to roll out the first Tingiz sites in 2-3 months, although from today he’s looking for businesses to sign up to try it out.

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