Who Uses LinkedIn Rival Viadeo? [Infographic]

Who Uses LinkedIn Rival Viadeo? [Infographic]

As we recently reported, professional social network Viadeo is considering floating on a stock market. Who actually uses it though? While the tech press tends to concentrate on LinkedIn, its rival has a substantial audience in a number of regions, as this infographic shows.

To put this in some context, LinkedIn boasts over 90 million members worldwide, including 20 million in Europe. While Viadeo is sitting at just over a third of the total users if we go by LinkedIn’s figures, I’m told that Viadeo stands by its claim of being number one in Europe and questions LinkedIn’s numbers.

Either way, France-based Viadeo is targeting developing markets for further growth. As the graphic shows, it sees significant potential in Asia and is set to open offices soon in Russia and Brazil.

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