Increasing Attendee Interaction with the ‘Holler Gram’ App

Increasing Attendee Interaction with the ‘Holler Gram’ App

We are all pretty busy organizing the next edition of The Next Web Conference. Lots of serious stuff going on behind the scenes here. No really!

But we also get some good laughs. Like with this app: Holler Gram

You know how sometimes during a keynote or pitch you would really want to say something back to the speaker? So you wait until the speaker is done and put your hand up. Well, unless you are Robert Scoble of course. Or unless you have an iPad with Holler Gram installed.

Or pick any of the pre-formatted shoutouts or make your own using your choice of fonts and colors:

You can even tweet your shout right from the app.

Holler Gram was made for SXSW specifically but I can totally imagine it will be popular at all events this year. As the author explains “You can even rate sessions by holding up a giant number display to become the ultimate armchair critic”. How awesome is that?

So, if you haven’t bought a ticket yet do it now before we sell out of early bird tickets, and make sure you bring your iPad with Holler Gram installed.
Reserve your ticket today and join hundreds of interesting Internet professionals!

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