UberCab, the game-changing car booking service, is coming to Europe

UberCab, the game-changing car booking service, is coming to Europe

Uber (formerly known as UberCab), the controversial, game-changing car booking service that is only available in San Francisco, will be launched in Europe.

The news was announced during an interview with The Next Web to be published tomorrow. Unfortunately specific dates weren’t revealed but if it has as much impact as it had on the US, it’s something to be very excited about.

The concept behind Uber is both simple and intuitive. You can request for a car service using the iPhone or the Android app by setting your pick-up location. Nearby drivers who use the service will be alerted and once they accept your request, you will be able to set your end location. Paying for the ride is convenient as it automatically gets charged to your account. Once the transaction is over, both the driver and the passenger will be able to rate each other to ensure that the service is not being abused.

UberCab actually made some controversial news late last year when the company was asked to cease and desist because it was marketing itself much like a cab company without a taxi license. It is stipulated in US law that only licensed taxis can pick someone up right away, which is UberCab is not. Due to this incident, UberCab dropped Cab from its official name and is now called Uber.

Stay tuned to TNW Video for the interview tomorrow. (Update: Interview is live!]

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