GigsWiz aims to shake up music ticketing with US expansion

GigsWiz aims to shake up music ticketing with US expansion

As a former gigging musician, I can tell you what a pain it is to have to sell tickets. Promoters often rely on new artists to sell tickets, simply because they’re best in touch with their fans. The problem is, actually selling those tickets online can be a real pain.

Now GigsWiz aims to make the whole process much easier with a dedicated, straightforward solution that integrates into bands’ social media presences.

The Finnish startup launched in Europe last month and has now expanded to the US. Artists sign up to GigsWiz, connecting it with their Facebook and Twitter accounts. The service then automatically promotes all upcoming gigs with ticketing links, posting to relevant gig listings services as well as Facebook and Twitter.

GigsWiz also offers embeddable widgets and Facebook apps for artists, promoters and venues, listing upcoming gigs with direct links to purchase. GigsWiz charges a 15% booking fee on top of ticket prices.

With the decline in popularity of Myspace, musicians have struggled to find a service that matched its combination of a music player, blogging platform, media player and gig promotion paired with an avid, music-loving audience. While no one service has yet matched this, GigsWiz could well become part of the overall mix that musicians need in order to promote themselves online.

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