Startups, grab your chance: The Next Web Startup Rally is open for submissions

Startups, grab your chance: The Next Web Startup Rally is open for submissions

We have just announced The Next Web Conference 2011 and shown you a preview of the some of the companies who will attend the conference. There is a lot more to announce, lets start with The Next Web Startup Rally.

Our event is full of interesting and inspiring talks, but since the first edition back in 2006 we have also given the hottest and most promising startups a platform to show their new service/app/web or mobile product to you.

Many startups have used The Next Web Conference to boost their PR, raise capital, build partnerships and gain buzz and new users, including Netvibes, Zyb, Plazes, Netlog, eBuddy, Huddle, CoTweet, Yunoo, Shutl, Fashiolista and last years winner Next2News (video). Many other startups have presented their services in the business arena to get feedback, get to know investors and industry journalists/bloggers.

The Next Web Startup Rally
The Startup Rally is one of things our audience loves. In super fast presentations you get an overview on where the new hot startups are working on and what the trends are. Many C level attendees love this and for investors the Startup Rally is a great source to source new investments. The overall level of the startups is increasing each year, so for the 6th edition we expect to see great teams, apps and services.

More about this unique event on The Next Web Conference 2011 on our conference website.

Reserve your ticket today and join hundreds of interesting Internet companies, experts, entrepreneurs, CxO’s and bloggers!

Submit your startup

This year we will give the opportunity to 20 companies in the web and mobile sphere to launch new apps and services on main stage for FREE. It will be harder than ever to make it to the final 20. We will be stricter, the 6th edition of the TNW Startup Rally will showcase only the best and most talented teams and companies, with great apps and a bright future ahead of them.

The procedure

1st round: Submissions (deadline March 10 at noon CET) – 60 companies selected for the 2nd round
2nd round: Video pitch (March 10 – March 21) – 35 companies selected for 3rd round
3rd round: Interview round March 22 – April 5th) 18 companies selected for the finals
Announcement finalists: April 7th
Final round: April 28-29, At The Next Web Conference 2011

Startups number 19 and 20 will be selected by the Jury during the conference from startups that have a booth (get more info on how to get a booth)

Selection criteria:
* You have to be an established company (no projects).
* You have to launch something (your service or a new version of your service). The idea is that journalists and bloggers write about you so you have to bring news to the table.
* Web/mobile/gaming services, products and new technologies are welcome
* International focus or aspirations.

Do you want to rock the stage? Submit your startup now!

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