The first 101 companies that have bought tickets to The Next Web Conference

The first 101 companies that have bought tickets to The Next Web Conference

This monday we announced The Next Web Conference 2011. We explained how exited we are and apparently that excitement was contagious.

Here is a list of the first 101 companies that have bought a ticket! Want to see your name listed here too? Reserve your ticket today before tickets are sold out. Early bird tickets are still available (a 50% discount!) but won’t be for much longer.

24sata digital, 6hours Associates BV, Acato, Actinic Software Limited, Adyen BV, Ajourney, Ballou PR, BBC,, BlueMind Corporate Finance, Boomerang, BusinessQuests, BUZZ MEDIA, Buzzer, Citywire Financial Publishers Ltd, CommerceCrowds, Creathor Venture Management GmbH, Crossmedia Communicatiegroep, CRP Henri Tudor , de Bibliotheek Haarlem, Deloitte,, DigiRedo, Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures, e-people, eBuddy, egoactive b.v., Epping Consultancy BV, Executive Group,, freelancefirm, Gimv, Global Grid Capital, Google, GTnetworks, GUI Design, Hello Group A/S, Het Nederlands Bureau voor Toerisme en Congressen, Hyves, iln, InSites Consulting,, Introniche bvba, JB Development Ltd, Jibr BV, Ketchum Pleon B.V., KIBU Innovacio Nonprofit Kft., Logict, LUON bvba, Marjolein van Nieuwkasteele CMR , Microsoft, Mirabeau BV, Nature Publishing Group, New Sport Solutions, NHL Hogeschool, Oller, Outatime Consultancy, Paravion Tour, Paydro, PayPal, Philips, PIXENGO LIMITED, PressDoc, Probaton, Quince BV, Rabobank, Razuna Ltd., Redmobile sp.z o.o.,, Rezzable, Rhinofly, Rhodium Ltd, Samsung, Sanoma Digital the Netherlands BV, SC Neokinetics Software SRL, Schwartz UK Ltd, Science Warehouse , ScreenReach Interactive,, The Incredible Adventure starts here…, trinity college dublin, Twitter Counter, Uminova Innovation, USEthetics, Van den Ende & Deitmers Venture Capital, VAN DOESUM, VoiceCorp, VRT Medialab, Wakoopa, walk the line, Walk & Talk, Wegenermedia, Xebia BV, Xebia Netherlands B.V., YMOR, yoo-zer ltd.,, Zorghelden Zorg Innovatie, Zwerink Insights, Inspiration & Interaction and lemz.

More about this unique event on The Next Web Conference 2011 on our conference website.

Reserve your ticket today and join hundreds of interesting Internet companies, experts, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and bloggers!

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