Angry Birds for PC to launch today? [Update: Confirmed!]

Angry Birds for PC to launch today? [Update: Confirmed!]

You can download Angry Birds for Laptop and Netbook devices, here.

According to ArticStartup, Finnish game developers Rovio are set to launch a PC version of its popular smartphone game Angry Birds, partnering with one of the country’s leading mobile operators Elisa.

Sources close to the project have suggested the launch will be an invite-only press event with only a limited number of invites sent to attendees. Whilst the event is small, it is thought that the launch will also be webcasted internationally to Rovio’s global partners and press. There is no word on whether there will be a public webcast but it could mean this is an international launch.

The announcement, if true, would surprise many in regards to its timing. On Tuesday, Rovio CEO Mikael Hed was in Paris, speaking at the LeWeb Conference 2010. With attendees from all over the globe and many tuning into the live webcast, Rovio could have used the opportunity to launch its new PC game.

During his interview, Hed also announced that Angry Birds had surpassed 42 million smartphone downloads, with 12 million of them paid.

Rovio has many different options when it comes to distributing an Angry Birds PC game; it could choose to have customers download the game from its website for a small fee, or look to use a distributed gaming marketplace like Steam, it could even sell physical media like a DVD or USB stick. We don’t think Rovio would have a problem distributing the game, it could face problems trying to combat pirate copies if Angry Bird for PC is indeed a paid game.

We have contacted both Rovio and Elisa for further clarification, as usual we will update as soon as we know more.

Update: Finnish operator Elisa has confirmed that there will be a live webcast today where we will see the launch of the Angry Birds PC game:

You have received correct information, Elisa and Rovio have A press conference today at 4 p.m, Finnish time and there will be live streaming on our website. Address where you can find the live streaming is: Rovio will also launch Angry Birds PC-game in this event.

Set your watches people!

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