LeWeb: Paper.Li growing by 1,000 papers a day. But is it enough?

LeWeb: Paper.Li growing by 1,000 papers a day. But is it enough?

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Currently, over 100,000 papers have been created in just four months without any marketing efforts and the service is growing at 1,000 papers a day. They also noted that they’ve received 2 million uniques to date.

Going forward, Paper.Li will soon be multi-device platform working on smartphones and tablets and moving to a premium model enabling users to make money off of their newspapers They will also be opening up to interested third parties and supporting other feeds outside of Twitter and Facebook.

The service is in a new landscape of the social graph called “social curation” or social mediation. (Also referred to as a content discovery tool or an aggregator as the reading happens at the source.)

“We are energized by the attraction this service is generating right now, by users and potential partners,” said Paper.Li’s founders.

But when it came to the Q&A, the founders seemed a little unsure of future efforts to include artificial intelligence, ramp up traffic or to make money. Currently, 97% of their traffic is coming from Twitter.

Little bit of growth?

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