MySpace: a bit of Mahalo with Youtube and Twitter thrown in?

MySpace: a bit of Mahalo with Youtube and Twitter thrown in?

Mike Jones, CEO, MyspaceWith all that has happened over at Myspace in the past few years I guess everybody holds their breath when their CEO takes the stage to say something, anything. They were so big and seem to have fallen so low, that everybody seems to expect some kind of strategy for a come-back.

So today, at leWeb, when Mike Jones, CEO (since november) MySpace took the stage I was ready for it. How the hell are they going to take back their position as the top-dog in social?

The new strategy seems to be titled ‘Social Entertainment’. Mike admitted to having lost the ‘social’ wars even though they now have 130 million active users. At one point they came to the realization that they would never win from Facebook and they started changing their goals. After an 8 month product redesign period they re-launched and are now focusing solely on the sub-35 demographic (that’s you) to try to become THE place to visit for your social entertainment. They know that the world is becoming all social and they want to carve their own edge out on that.

Besides the web their focus also involves expanding their services to Apple TV, Google TV, the iPad and every other interesting device out there. All to become the social entertainment destination site.

Scoble asked if Mike thought be would be given a chance by Newscorp to actually finish his job. Mike explained that Newscorp is very entrepreneurial and understood they would be taking a huge gamble with Myspace. So far so good.

As Mike Jones explained it Myspace is on track to become a sort of Mahalo combined with Youtube and Facebook. The place you go to to find user curated news and entertainment about the stuff you love.

Scoble then challenged Jones to pitch Myspace to the audience. He suggested we’d all go to Myspace and search for our favorite movie or series. Take Tron, he offered, and see how myspace will get you everything you want to know about that particular movie.

I wonder how many people in the audience are willing to take another chance with Myspace. Are you?

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