Vuvuzela Filtering For World Cup Television Coverage?

Vuvuzela Filtering For World Cup Television Coverage?

Update At Bottom

If you are a subscriber of Portugal Telecom (PT) or Meo (which they own), and enjoy the World Cup, we have good news for you. Starting tomorrow, Friday, you should have an option on your television to have the Vuvuzela noise pollution filtered from your ears.

Working off of the frequencies that the horns squawk at, filtering them out is a simple business with a huge effect. To use the feature on either PT or Meo, push this button on your remote:

And then select from that menu the “no more Vuvuzela noise pollution please” option:

According to the post, “Yes, it works on Meo Satellite. Yes, it works in RTP HD.” Or, in the proper language: “Sim, funciona no Meo Satélite. Sim, funciona na RTP HD.” This should appear tomorrow on your screen. Pop the champagne if you get to use it.

To the rest of the world, myself included, don’t you wish you had the same option? Disclaimer: while working from the Portuguese translation, I may have made a mistake. I apologize if so.

Update: Astute commentators noted that the original post had been amended to say this: “Yes, it works on Meo Satellite with RTP and SIC, not RTP HD or SportTV” and “RTP HD works starting next Tuesday, SportTV not.” Make of that what you will.

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