5 great translation tools that you need to try.

5 great translation tools that you need to try.

Whether or not you’re headed to The Next Web Conference, we can’t escape the fact of our ever-meshing world.  Not all of us have the time to invest into fully learning a second (or third or fourth) language, but you’ll almost surely run into a situation where you need a word or phrase deciphered into your own language.

So here are 5 great translators that will make life easier.  And since we’re all aflutter about TNW 10, all of these include Dutch translation for time well-spent in Amsterdam.

Mobile Translator

Our first entry is not only free, you can use it from anywhere.  Mike Brittain’s Mobile Translator is handy, easy to use and does a generally good job for quick word or phrase translation.  It’s certainly worth a bookmark.

Nice Translator

If you’re lucky enough to be around your computer when you need a phrase, Nice Translator is a great choice.  It’s quick, clean and has a ton of available languages from which to choose.  This is another of those “must bookmark” sites for when the need arises.

Free Translator

If you’re an iPhone user, then this one is a no-brainer.  Free Translator has support for a vast number of languages, and the user interface is about as easy as it can possibly get.  Oh, did I mention it was free?


Seeing a pattern with the product names here?  Well, this one is for the Android users.  Translator is a very inexpensive application that will provide text-to-text and (limited) speech-to-text translation.  The interface is very clean and the application makes great use of the Android speech synthesis setting.

Google Translate

It wouldn’t do much good to mention translation tools without bringing up Google Translate.  The gold standard of translation, currently, gives you a huge variety of languages from which to choose.  Even better, you can upload documents for translation and you can use Translate either from a desktop or a mobile browser without difficulty.

So now, finding out the location of the nearest beer or restroom will be easier than ever.  Nothing can ever replace being able to actually speak a language other than your own, but when you get into a pinch, these should help smooth the sailing.

Have an application or a site that you like better?  Leave a comment and let us know about it.

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