The gifts we throw at you during the conference…

The gifts we throw at you during the conference…

At The Next Web Conference we try to get you inspired, connected, energized and richer. To accomplish this we find the best speakers, start-ups and attendees in the world and put them all together in one big room. And then we take them to a party and give them free beer and champagne.

What we also do is overload our attendees with gifts. After each break we start with throwing gifts into the audience. Last year we ‘distributed’ T-Shirts, coffee mugs, stickers and more assorted freebies by throwing them into the audience.

At one point during last years event Patrick came up to me and said “Can I throw bottles of beer into the audience?” I said “No!” but I guess he never heard me:

thenextweb09 8571

It is amazing that nobody got hurt.

This year we will be giving away a LOT of stuff again. Including an iPad (bought for us by Linda from US Unlocked) and a lot of T-Shirts and other freebies.

If you have stuff you want us to throw into the audience from the stage please make sure you leave it on stage for us and leave a comment here with what you would like us to throw at the audience.

Sure, use your imagination…

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