Keynote Speaker: Adam Richardson & The Invisible Web

Keynote Speaker: Adam Richardson & The Invisible Web

Adam Richardson is author of Innovation X and Creative Director at global innovation firm frog design where he has worked with companies such as HP, Intel, Motorola, Logitech, and Yahoo!

He lives and works in San Francisco and we are delighted that he could join us at The Next Web Conference 2010 to talk about his ideas about innovation and the web.

You can get an idea of what Adam is thinking about at his excellent blog and make sure you read his very controversial post about the “Death of the Browser” which he wrote just for this blog a while ago.

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The title of Adam’s keynote is “The future of the web will be invisible”. As Adam explains it:

We are rapidly reaching the point when a browser will be the minority means of accessing the web. The web is getting embedded into so many other apps, mobile devices, non-movable devices, and being accessed in tiny chunks as opposed to page loads, that the idea of web browsing is rather obsolete.

It will be interesting to find out how this will affect the web and our habits.

Even if you don’t know frog design by name changes are you have seen many of their products and even owned a few. For years they did product design for Apple and a young Steve Jobs. Check out these amazing early iPad prototypes from 1980(!).

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