Last call for Startups. Rock or Die

Last call for Startups. Rock or Die

If you’re a startup you have 2 options, Rock or Die. The question is, which one applies to your startup?

Do you hide yourself in the garage or basement and hope somebody will discover you OR are you going to boost your PR, pitch to a high level crowd of a thousand bloggers, industry journalists, investors potential partners, exit partners and kick ass!

If you chose to Rock, grab this opportunity for world wide fame and join The Next Web Paypal X Startup Rally.

25 Startups will make it to the final and get to pitch their company on main stage during the upcoming The Next Web Conference. We’re looking at a mix of startups, Mobile and Web, B2B and B2C, self funded and series A funded.

So do you want to use the TNW platform to announce new stuff or launch your company, hurry up. This is the final call for submissions (as I’m traveling the next days we’ll keep the submission form open until the weekend – Saturday at noon CET-)

Do it

P.S. We’re happy to announce that we have 2 new VC partners. Acton Capital and Fidelity Growth Partners are both looking for cool investment opportunities.

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