Personal Finance Startup Yunoo raises around €1 million in Funding

Personal Finance Startup Yunoo raises around €1 million in Funding

Yunoo, the public choice winner of The Next Web Startup Rally 2009 raised more than 1 million euros a significant amount in series A today from Sanoma Digital Netherlands (a big publisher). Yunoo was looking for a million euros, Sanoma stated that they invested a big amount and although the exact amount officially hasn’t been communicated you can take my word for it that it is a figure with 6 zeros. (They called me to ask if I could erase the amount raised because that wasn’t communicated)
This is good news for the talented Dutch entrepreneurs (and we’re of course a little bit proud that they won the Startup Rally).

Yunoo, launched in March 2009, is an online personal finance management application that helps consumers and small businesses keep track of their spending. As co-founder Kevin Voges explains: “Yunoo consolidates your financial life in one place and shows you exactly where your money is being spent. With Yunoo you can add all your bank accounts, savings accounts and credit cards so that you get a complete overview of your finances.”

Their American counterpart Mint (who won TC50) was sold for 170 million dollars to Intuit in September 2009 and as this space requires deep understanding (and development) of the local financial system it is no surprise that a European startup can have as much success as Mint.

Yunoo is only available for Dutch customers at this point, but they have plans to expand their services to other EU countries (although we don’t expect that to happen any time soon).

Check out their presentation during TNW 2009 that got them the public choice award.

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