European Tech Investment Set To Rally

European Tech Investment Set To Rally

Europe is expected to experience strong  growth as tech spending recovers around the world.

Reuters reports that the tough year experienced by the global technology industry during  2009 will be eclipsed during 2010 as spending looks set to increase by 8.1%.

The Forrester report cited points to trillion dollar growth around the world over the next 12 months, with Europe at the forefront of the recovery, as Europe benefits from the US dollar’s decline against the Euro.

European investment in clean technology is also strengthening when compared to the US, and whilst 2009 recorded a decline of 12% in a sector which attracts environmental finance, that is set against a fall of 42% in North America.

EurActiv suggests that this surge in clean and green tech investment across Europe, offers some hope following the disappointment of the limited climate agreements reached at the Copenhagen summit.

Venture investors across Europe are favouring solar tech, closely followed by transportation and energy efficiency.

photo : 1suisse (cc)

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