Report: The Most Active Online Are The Most Educated.

Report: The Most Active Online Are The Most Educated.

Students-using-computersPeople who spend the most time online are in fact the most educated claims a recent report from Eurostat.

The study, that covered households containing at least one person aged 16-74 across Europe, shows that nearly 90 % of the EU population with high formal education used the internet regularly, more than twice as much as the share of the population with low formal education.

The figures remained similar irrelevant of age group although the relatively uneducated 16-24’s did seem the most active online in comparison with their older and younger counterparts.

There are clearly a number of possibilities as to why this might be the case. The most immediate being the IT education you receive at school plays a significant role in your desire (and confidence) to explore computers and the web. Additionally, if you’ve had little or no formal education, it’s highly likely you aren’t in financially able to own a computer or subscribe to Internet access – and therefore access to any form of Internet connect is limited.

The web clearly playing an increasingly more significant role in our daily lives, and it seems the importance of education, at least by these findings, is as important as ever.

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