Who are the Internet Fiends of Europe? The Dutch.

Who are the Internet Fiends of Europe? The Dutch.

6811_qjpreviewthAccording to the latest figures from Eurostat and Dutch Daily News, the Dutch are Europe’s most avid Internet users.

73% of the Dutch use the Internet daily or almost daily, while the percentage reaches 90% for the country’s under 24 population.

This leaves other countries behind the Netherlands, while Sweden, Denmark and Luxembourg also rank high.

The Dutch also have the largest percentage of households with Internet access at an outstanding 90%, with Sweden and Luxembourg the closest behind. Europe’s heavyweights the UK, Germany and France maintain 77%, 79% and 63% respectively.

The research also concluded that The Netherlands contained the highest number of people who had used the Internet for finding information.

The good news for Europe is that as a whole, there’s been steady improvement in connectivity. 65% of households had access to the internet during the first quarter of 2009, compared with 60% during the first quarter of 2008, and 56% have a broadband internet connection in 2009, compared with 49% in 2008.

Finally, in regards to e-commerce, nearly 40% of Europeans are now shopping online with the UK being the most active.

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