Orange announces their own European App (Store) Shop

Orange announces their own European App (Store) Shop

OrangeTodat at Le Web Christophe Francois, Vice President Mobile Multimedia at Orange announcement something biggish: Orange is going into mobile apps with their own App Store.

Only they don’t call it an “App Store” but an “App Shop”.

The App store Shop will be compatible with Android, Windows Mobile and Java and Blackberry devices and will have dedicated stores for several countries.

They are teaming up with hardware and software partners and a bunch of software houses to get the shop filled.

Orange has 130 million customers in Europe which will all get access to the Apps store Shop.

Somehow the idea of Orange starting an App store shop in Europe doesn’t blow me away. I seriously hope it will work out of course but Mobile Operators don’t strike me as too cool or innovative and it might prove hard to get developer excited to code for them.

I mean, if you have to pick between spending your time on iPhone Apps, Android Apps or Orange Apps Store Shop Apps, would you really say “Cool, I’m going with Orange!”. If your answer is “yes” let me know about it in the comments.

Would love to link to this Apps Shop but couldn’t find a link right away. If you have it let me know!

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