Facebook announces, ehm… nothing, at Le Web

Facebook announces, ehm… nothing, at Le Web


Just now at Le Web in Paris Ethan Beard (Director, Facebook Developer Network) disclosed some interesting facts about Facebook but no news at all. In one sentence this is what he announced: Facebook connect is very cool, lots of people use it.

No company has an obligation to announce new stuff at conferences. But I couldn’t help feeling unsatisfied to listen to nothing more than a product pitch.

Anyway, here are a few entertaining, sexy and thrilling facts about facebook:

About the developer platform:
2,5 years since developer platform went live. 250 million users use applications every months. There are 1 million developer who have built 500k applications.

About Facebook connect:
60 million users, now available on 80,000 sites and on 50% of the comscore top 100.

About Facebook Connect on the Huffington Post:
They incorporated Facebook connect and saw 500% more facebook referrals, 50% more comments and 50% user growth.

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