Congratulations Mozilla. Firefox Overtakes Internet Explorer in Germany

Congratulations Mozilla. Firefox Overtakes Internet Explorer in Germany

firefox-cakeFirefox is now the most popular web browser in Germany, used by 44.2. percent of internet users, according to the latest W3B study from Fittkau and Maass, a respected German Internet research consultancy.

In the rest of the world, it’s still quite a different story but in Germany Mozilla has reached a milestone and should be celebrating.

The W3B survey reports that Mozilla’s Firefox browser has now overtaken the first time, and at least in Germany, Firefox dominates.

The survey found that all versions of Firefox had a combined market share of 45.6 percent, while all versions of Internet Explorer, with a total of 44.4 per cent are close behind. All other alternatives, that is about Opera, Safari and Konqueror hold a measly 9.5 percent of the market.

Netscape, once the undisputed market leader, with 0.6 percent fades into insignificance.

As mentioned however, the usage share of web browsers worldwide is a different story. According to median values from a number of different studies, Internet Explorer is still dominant with 64.64%, followed by Firefox at 25.30%. Safari and Google Chrome trail at 4.30% and 3.19% respectively.


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