Swindon to become the first UK city with Free WiFi. (Still not moving there)

Swindon to become the first UK city with Free WiFi. (Still not moving there)

swindonSwindon Borough Council is the first authority in the UK to provide free Internet access for all its residents.

Other UK cities have had trials of the schemes, but this is the first time an entire county area will be covered by council-backed public Wi-Fi.

The scheme, in partnership with the private sector will roll out free connection to the Internet and free line rental and connection charge for the 186,000 Swindonites Swindonians within the next four months.

Swindon has a 35% ownership in Digital City UK and expects to cash in on similar roll-outs of the technology to other towns and cities across the UK.

Some 1,400 secure access points will be fitted around Swindon and subscribers to the service – to be called Signal – will have limited access but could pay for 20Mb upgrades.

The company was set up in partnership with the concept’s originator Rikki Hunt and digital technology firm aQovia.

“Digital City’s business model is built around subsidising free access with revenues from business and community services that are delivered over our wireless network.  This innovative partnership demonstrates a viable way forward for other towns and cities.” said Mustafa Arif, director of aQovia.

For more information on the scheme and to read the official press release, visit www.getsignal.co.uk.

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