Motorola Droid can’t find a UK network… but you can get it SIM free

Motorola Droid can’t find a UK network… but you can get it SIM free

Motorola Milestone SIM-freeMotorola’s Droid has set tongues wagging in the USA but there’s scant news of release outside the realm of Uncle Sam.

The first Android phone with the processing muscle to beat the iPhone 3GS (not to mention that free Google sat-nav), there are sure to be queues across the States when it launches tomorrow.

Here in Europe things have been surprisingly quiet. Europe tends to get handsets before the USA and yet we’ve not heard a peep about the Droid here except for a November 9 launch on O2 Germany under the name Motorola Milestone. What about the rest of Europe?

It was uncovered by T3 yesterday that networks O2 and T-Mobile had both turned down the device in the UK for reasons unknown. There’s been no word from the other main networks – 3, Vodafone and Orange – about whether they will be bring the device to smartphone-hungry British customers. Seeing as this would have been the perfect week to announce such news, we can guess that either they’re not or that there are no firm plans.

The good news? You can now pre-order the Droid/Milestone SIM Free. Expansys have the device at a pretty reasonable £449. Given the spec of the device, that’s a competitive price point. There’s no word as to when the device will be available but if you’re hungry for a Milestone outside Germany this might be your best bet.

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