Orange confirms iPhone date. No price war but unique tariffs.

Orange confirms iPhone date. No price war but unique tariffs.

Picture 1Orange has confirmed it will sell the iPhone from the 10th November, ending its two-year exclusive period with O2.

If you thought price would be a motivation for switching over to Orange, think again. Orange currently do not seem to be considering pricing as a way to motivate O2 customers to make the switch, at least not yet.

What they do offer however is an option to acquire the iPhone 3GS with no initial down payment, something O2 doesn’t offer. To do that however you’re looking to pay a minimum of £73.40 and a 24 month contract. It’s also interesting to note that there is no 12 month contract with Orange, it’s either 18 months or 24.

For the iPhone 3G, Orange will offer the 3G iPhone free to subscribers who take up a £30 two-year contract, with the more powerful 3GS available free on £45 contracts.

Pay-as-you-go customers can buy the iPhone (8GB) for £333 and iPhone 3GS for £539. The iPhone will be offered with unlimited data bundles, with a cap of 750MB fair usage per month.

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