Orange to Sell iPhones in the UK from November 10th

Orange to Sell iPhones in the UK from November 10th

orangeiphoneO2’s iPhone exclusivity in the UK comes to an end on November 10th reports the Times when Orange will offer its customers the device.

Prices and tariffs have not yet been quoted by Orange, but it’s likely we’ll witness somewhat of a price war to sway current O2 iPhone customers away from the network.

Over 200,000 UK customers are thought to have signed-up with Orange for information.

Vodafone will also offer the iPhone in the UK starting next year, while the UK’s smallest operator, 3, has also said it hopes to begin selling iPhones by mid-2010.

Personally, had I not just renewed my contract with O2, I’d be moving without a second thought. Connection issues, calls dropped mid call and general poor quality has left me and others frustrated. With AT&T customers experiencing similar issues, one might conclude the issues are with the iPhone but that is not the case. Friends and colleagues have themeselves unlocked the iPhone to use with other networks, namely Vodafone and Orange, with none experiencing the frequent issues O2 customers have had to put up with.

Let the price wars begin.

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