I can rest in peace. Fawlty Towers is now on iTunes.

I can rest in peace. Fawlty Towers is now on iTunes.

fawlty_towers.1228060520British TV show, and my personal favorite all time comedy, Fawlty Towers is celebrating its 30 year anniversary and to mark the celebration, the series is now available to download on iTunes.

Both series one and two are available, so you can now relive the show on your iPhone on the commute. Both seasons are priced up at £7.99 on iTunes right now, and the Beeb has promised some exclusive interviews with John Cleese on the making of Fawlty Towers will soon follow.

A special edition remastered DVD boxset of Fawlty Towers has been released with every episode of the sitcom remastered, with special features including, for the first time ever, audio commentaries from John Cleese on all 12 episodes.

Happy Days.

Here’s one of my favorite clips:

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