New Camera Promises to Capture Every Minute of Your Life

New Camera Promises to Capture Every Minute of Your Life

dn17992-2_300A UK-based firm is developing a camera called the ViconRevue (based on Microsoft’s Sensecam technology) that will be able to capture every minute of your life.

The camera comes in the form of a wearable pendant and its initial aim was to help people with Alzheimer’s disease as studies have shown that reviewing the events of the day can help some people improve long-term recall. On the other end of the spectrum, for us geeks, the camera becomes the ultimate lifestreamer, providing a way to archive every moment of our lives, if we so wish.

According to New Scientist, the camera hangs from the neck and takes pictures every 30 seconds. Using an accelerometer and light sensors, it is also able to snap pictures whenever the person enters a new environment and even more impressively takes another shot whenever its infrared sensor detect body heat of a person in front of the person wearing it.

Currently, 30,000 images can fit into the cameras built in 1Gig Memory.

Some examples of the images taken can be seen below:



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