Eye-Fi wireless photo sharing memory card makes its way to the UK

Eye-Fi wireless photo sharing memory card makes its way to the UK

eyefiThey’ve been a success in the US, and soon the UK will get a chance to play. The Eye-Fi card works like a normal photo memory card except with one key difference, the ability to transfer your pictures and video to the web in an instant via Wifi.

Jef Holove, CEO of Eye-Fi, comments on the release:

“Because Eye-Fi eliminates the time and hassle, more than half of our users upload their photos and videos within 24 hours of capturing them. So, those memories are backed up, organized and shared with friends and family while they are still fresh.”

So how does it work?

As predicted, the card functions as a standard memory card, which then allows you to transfer your images via Wi-Fi to numerous popular photo sharing sites. If necessary, the card will automatically resize images for the destination site.

There’s a short setup process, with the SD card plugged into your computer with a supplied card reader, and the card can then be slotted into your standard camera — as long as it’s on Eye-Fi’s list — and you’re good to go.

Offering 4GB of memory, the Eye-Fi Home Video stores up to 2,000 photos or 90mm of video and provides automatic backup to the computer thanks to its wireless capabilities.

Eye-Fi launches in the UK on October 19th and the various cards will be available at Amazon, Apple, Computer Warehouse and Dabs. Prices range from £49 to £119.

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