Icelandic town turned into one giant speaker system. [Beautiful Video]

Icelandic town turned into one giant speaker system. [Beautiful Video]

For one of Sony’s latest advertisements, the company aimed to create an ad that emphasised a pure sound experience and highlighted their passion for sound . Ad agency Fallon were assigned the task, and the result involved transforming the Icelandic town of Seydisfjordur, with a population of 800 people and almost no traffic, into one giant soundspeaker system.

In a short film, titled Soundville, the companies document three days in the life of the town after the transformation. No actors were used in the film, so the viewer gets to see how the townspeople reacted to sounds and echoes generated through the pervasive sound system. The results are pretty remarkable to say the least.

Oh and if you’re wondering how they came up with the idea, Fallon’s Juan Cabral, who also masterminded Sony Bravia’s color-filled Balls idea, said:

“I was buying milk while listening to Stockhausen on my headphones. I felt everyone should be listening too.”


via PSFK via Creativity Online

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