Why living in a hotel could be perfect for creative entrepreneurs

Why living in a hotel could be perfect for creative entrepreneurs
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I’ve written a few posts about traveling and working and living in hotel rooms now as part of a sponsored post by Sheraton. Check my earlier posts “Experiencing the Sheraton New York Times Square“, “Top tips for business travel the geek way” and “Healthy travels: Staying refreshed, well fed and rested on the road” on the subject.

This time, I’d like to talk about the idea of living in a hotel. Be honest, at some point you’ve probably fantasized about the glamor of living in a hotel. Your bills all taken care of, a room that is magically clean when you come home each night, a gym, restaurant and bar all on hand, and a good central location in the city.

It’s no wonder that some of America’s best-known names have lived in hotels in places like Hollywood and New York City. Keanu Reeves, Robert DeNiro, Boris Karloff, Jack Kerouac, Iggy Pop and Bob Dylan are just some of the well-known people who have chosen this lifestyle.

The Internet tech world even has at least one well-known hotel resident. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer famously lives in a hotel penthouse in San Francisco.

It’s easy to see how having life’s everyday tasks taken care of can leave you free to take care of work that you care about. Writers who have created important works while living in hotels include Arthur C. Clarke, who wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey while staying at a hotel in New York City. Tennessee Williams wrote much of his later material in another hotel in the city

Being an entrepreneur is a creative lifestyle, so having life’s little things taken care of would definitely help focus the mind on changing the world. From practicalities like wake up calls, WiFi and business services, to luxuries like room service and a spa, living in a hotel could well be the perfect way to ‘get away from it all’ while still having everything you need on tap.

And living in a hotel doesn’t have to be just a romantic dream reserved for the super-rich though. If you think that you’d have to be a multi-millionaire to live in a hotel, that’s not necessarily true. Writer and entrepreneur Paul Carr’s book The Upgrade is about what happened when he realized it would be cheaper to live in hotels than rent a flat in London.

While you probably wouldn’t want to copy all of the escapades he gets up to in the book, it certainly makes you think that living in a hotel might not have to be an impossible dream, and it might just help you achieve more in life too.

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