Screw ads! Here are some other ways your startup could be making money

Screw ads! Here are some other ways your startup could be making money

There are lots of ways to finance your latest business venture, but one of the funnest ones remains offering a product or service in exchange for money, and people paying for it.

You should totally employ that strategy for your startup!

We kid, we kid, but not really. It’s no secret monetizing a digital service can be tough, but all too often ‘advertising’ – rather than charging users – is the answer to the vital question “so what’s your business plan?”.

And yet it’s almost never the right answer. But then, what is?

Or in other words, what could you charge for? What can you offer that could make people want to open up their wallets?

The folks over at Board Of Innovation have put together a slide deck with a collection of useful money-making techniques and tips (which will be continuously updated based on feedback from the global startup community), and it may just answer those questions for you.

It’s been getting a ton of views on SlideShare (you can also download the PDF), but it hasn’t really started making the rounds outside of it yet.

It’s filled to the brim with examples, so don’t miss it:

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