is up for sale, but there’s no Groupon for it is up for sale, but there’s no Groupon for it

Today, domain name marketplace Sedo announced that it has exclusive rights for the sale of the domain name

The company points out that the domain name is perfect for someone wanting to get into the daily deals trade online. Currently owned by FYI Direct, the previous focused on real estate foreclosures, and the company is clearly looking to make a pretty penny on the sale of the domain name.

Here’s what FYI Direct had to say about the sale of

FYI Direct currently owns thousands of real estate foreclosure-related sites. While is one of our key URLs, we never felt it was a great fit with our current portfolio, and decided it could be better put to use as a merchandise site or something similar

There’s no doubt that the domain name could hold value for someone, but will it go for a pretty penny like the domain name “” did?

It’s arguable whether domain names will become a thing of the past, especially with companies like Google betting on brands using Google+ Direct, and simply asking consumers to type +BrandName into its search engine.

Sedo seems to think won’t go for a song:

The seemingly overnight success of Groupon has created an online bargain shopping frenzy, paving the way for other entrepreneurs to take advantage of this fast-growing trend. This highly valuable domain name provides the right investor with the unprecedented opportunity to develop a site that could very well compete with today’s major online bargain and group buying players.

That’s quite a spin there, but perhaps a company like LivingSocial, whose name really doesn’t mean anything in regards to daily deals, might pick it up during the auction process.

To put your bid in for, simply email [email protected].

Place your bets and guesses on what the domain name will end up going for and to whom!

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