You too can set a world record…

You too can set a world record…

Tammy Camp holds a kiteboarding world record for consecutive back loops. She told me about this when she spoke at The Next Web Conference 2011 in Amsterdam. I was very impressed to meet someone with a world record.

But you too can become a world record holder. In fact, it isn’t that hard. The hardest part? Coming up with a new record to set. See, when I explained Tammy how impressed I was with her world record she explained that it wasn’t all that hard to set. It was just that nobody else had attempted it yet and nobody has challenged here since.

There is even an online service (of course) which will help you claim your record. Just upload video to and claim your record. Done.

There are some hilarious records like “Longest Time Hula Hooping While Standing On One Leg” and “Most Questions Asked During A Single Drive-Thru Visit” but also more serious ones.

The point however is that it really isn’t that hard to claim a world record. The hard part really is to come up with a record you can establish. That came as quite a revelation to me. I always figured that most records were set and were pretty hard to break. That isn’t true of course.

The same is true for starting companies. I often talk to people who are almost surprised that I’m working on inventing new web services. They sorta assume everything is invented.

Of course, we are just getting started. The web is now 21 years old and will change remarkably again in the next 21 years. There are hundreds or thousands of opportunities just waiting to be invented.

All you have to do is jump in.

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