Why don’t you buy a jet fighter?

Why don’t you buy a jet fighter?

There once was a scrap yard owner who had financial troubles. He had a tough time competing with other scrap yard owners and just didn’t know how to differentiate from them.

Then one day he got offered an old russian jet fighter. The plane was stripped of its electronics and guns and in bad shape. It didn’t have any materials he could use so it was basically worthless.

He used his last money and bought the plane. Instead of taking it apart he just put it on his front lawn so everybody could see it.

His neighbors complained, his wife nearly left him and his competitors joked he was crazy and soon going out of business.

Of course, the opposite happened. The fighter jet became a landmark in the area and people started referring to it to give directions (“just go left at the fighter jet and then straight ahead for 5 kilometers”).

Pretty soon business started growing as his scrap yard became famous within the area.

Why look in the phone book for the nearest scrap yard? Just drive to the one with the fighter jet in the front lawn. Can’t find it? Ask anyone for the fighter jet scrap yard.

Some business are easy to differentiate.
Usually quality matters more than appearance and brand recognition.
But sometimes you need a jet fighter.

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