Please Stop Promoting Entrepreneurship!

Please Stop Promoting Entrepreneurship!

There are a lot of initiatives to ‘promote entrepreneurship’. Seminars, books, non-profit organizations and consultants all focused on getting more people to becoming entrepreneurs.

I seriously wonder what the hell is going on there. I would argue that entrepreneurs generally don’t need any guidance or incentive to get started. Real entrepreneurs couldn’t be stopped from being entrepreneurs and there is no need to lend them a guiding hand. Just get out of the way or they will walk all over your ass on their way to their goals.

I’m sure it doesn’t hurt to inspire entrepreneurs now and then but as far as I know us entrepreneurs get our inspiration mainly by talking to other entrepreneurs or just, you know, taking a shower or a long walk in the woods.

Another thing you can do is lower taxes, make it easier to start a company and maybe give us some extra tax incentives. That kind of promotion is just fine. But the networking evenings, dinner parties and helpful articles by wannabe-entrepreneurs wanting to ‘promote entrepreneurship’? Get outta here!

Are you an entrepreneur in need of some help or comfort to get started? Just get started already. It isn’t going to get easier so take a deep breath and dive right in.

And just to prevent some confusion: no, this blog isn’t about promoting entrepreneurship. It is just a collection of stories from entrepreneurs about entrepreneurship. Our goal is to entertain and maybe inspire existing entrepreneurs. The chances of someone reading one of these blogposts, quitting their job and becomes an entrepreneur are slim, and not something that we would dare to aim for.

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