I don’t work and I don’t have time off either…

I don’t work and I don’t have time off either…

…I’m an entrepreneur.

A few years ago I stopped at a gas station on a monday morning at 6:30 in the morning. My partner and I were on our way to an important meeting and we were laughing about something when we got to the counter. The lady behind the counter looked annoyed and said, in a slightly accusatory voice: “What are you so happy about. Don’t you know it’s a monday morning?”

We smiled at her and realized that she probably hated her job. She enjoyed her weekend and then dreaded the moment that she had to sit there, at the gas station, to do her work and make money.

For an entrepreneur there is no real distinction between work and time off. If you are an entrepreneur you always have time off and you are always at work. And you do the work because it is fulfilling, challenging and defines who you are.

Being an entrepreneur is not just a job. It is what defines you as a person and what gives you purpose.

How can you take time off from that?

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