This handy tool makes discovering beautiful Google fonts simple

This handy tool makes discovering beautiful Google fonts simple

An often overlooked Google product is Google Fonts. Not only do these look great and speed up the Internet, but they’re also completely free. The only downside is picking one to use in your next project.

Better Google Font Finder, by San Francisco-based product designer Mattthew, aims to make that significantly easier, by offering you an interactive guide to the fonts on offer.

There’s a lot I like about this site. First, it lets you evaluate fonts with either boilerplate text, or your own copy. But it’s also eminently approachable, and has a visual approach. It lets you filter fonts based on what they look like, and not whether they’re a ‘serif’ or ‘sans-serif’ or whatever.

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The Google Fonts catalog is massive — over 800 fonts, in total. Better Google Font Finder only covers 70 specifically selected examples, although on Product Hunt, the developer suggested he’s open to expanding the service to cover those left out.

You can check out Better Google Font Finder here, and read about it on Product Hunt here.

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