Perspective Cards exist because you aren’t your users

Perspective Cards exist because you aren’t your users

Many websites and mobile applications – hell, any tech product for that matter – are built by one-man bands. Just solitary entrepreneurs cracking away in their home offices, co-working spaces, or bedrooms. That’s cool, but it’s a bit limiting, isn’t it?

When you’ve only got one perspective on your product, you have no idea how it’ll be received by users of a different ability, perspective, or worldview. Enter Perspective Cards. These are profoundly simple, but simply profound.

In short, they are algorithmically generated questions that ask you the questions you might have forgotten to ask yourself while conceiving your idea. Questions like “Imagine your user is Underemployed: What might they think of your project?” and “Imagine your user is Blind: Is there anything in your product that’s potentially offensive to this group?”.

You can check it out here. Even if it doesn’t change how you build your app, it’s certainly good to consider other people. Empathy man. It’s awesome.

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