Want to get better at coding? You just need to play this game


Coding is the new English. At least, that’s what websites like Codecademy want you to think.

But maybe you’ve held off on trying to improve your coding skills, because you still thought it wasn’t fun enough. Turns out there’s no excuse for you anymore.

With Codingame, you practice your coding skills by playing an in-browser shooter game. The challenge is to defeat the enemies coming at your ship by putting in the right commands in the console to the right.

There are multiple code languages to choose from like C++, Javascript, PHP and Swift. Depending on what you pick, the game changes the challenges to make sense for that language.


Even though the game might make it seem like it’s easy to get started, the website is certainly not meant for beginning coders — you’re better off learning the basics first. However, it’s a great way to practice your skills and become a better coder, all while having fun.

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