Twitter Fabric adds Branch for deep linking marketing analytics

Twitter Fabric adds Branch for deep linking marketing analytics

Fabric, Twitter’s developer suite, is adding a new tool in Branch.

Branch is a marketing analytics tool, which uses some deep linking capabilities to analyze things like retention regardless of which marketing channels you utilize. More to the point, it lets you compare and contrast which campaigns are most successful.

A video campaign with one marketing firm may not bring in the same energy as your in-app ad campaign elsewhere. You could build your own spreadsheets and compare the two yourself, but that’s tedious.

Branch also shows you how users are sharing your apps.

Fabric is helpful for identifying data and issues quickly so you can act on them, making Branch a natural fit. As with all Fabric SDKs, existing Branch keys will be provisioned automatically so you have minimal work to get started.

If you don’t have a Branch account, Fabric guides you through the setup process with ease.

Branch now available on Fabric: Grow your app with deep linking on Fabric

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