GitMarket is a Git-powered marketplace for buying and selling code

GitMarket is a Git-powered marketplace for buying and selling code

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What is GitMarket?

GitMarket is the world’s first platform for buying and selling code using private Git repositories. Developers can monetize any code they own (themes, templates, components, etc.), in any programming language.

You simply import your existing code, choose your price and we help you sell it with very reasonable fees.

What are the benefits of being git-powered over existing marketplaces?

Usage statistics show that Git is now the most popular version control system used by developers. GitMarket empowers code makers to publish their work on a fast, efficient and dedicated platform. GitMarket will perform analysis, scan for malware and do code review (QA) on all the code. Buyers will be able to buy the item and have access to the Git repository so they can clone it into their project and also safely merge all (upstream) updates.

Is it aimed primarily at developers, or can non-technical people needing a website use it as well?

Initially we will focus on developers, because there is virtually no “git-based” marketplace around yet. You will be able to import your code using a ZIP file, but all the updates will have to be done the right way (with commits, push, branches and tags) using Git.

It will be very easy for newcomers to Git to get started though. We plan to make a few videos and tutorials to help users that never used Git or any SCM (source control management) yet. Basically, sellers will have to push new updates using Git, but buyers will still be able to download the code in a ZIP file format if it’s what they want.

We also plan to make a WordPress plugin so non-technical users will be able to install the code with a simple click of a button.

GitMarket Storefront
GitMarket Storefront

Where can we find more information?

We’re still in the process of setting up an FAQ and all that, but our homepage has all the basic information you need. You can sign up at to get notified when we launch.

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