Microsoft’s Xamarin now has native support from mobile database platform Realm

Microsoft’s Xamarin now has native support from mobile database platform Realm

Mobile database platform Realm is launching support for Microsoft’s Xamarin platform.

The new Realm was made specifically for Xamarin, too — no fussy workarounds. The Realm team also had direct insight from Xamarin on best practices for structuring APIs and taking advantage of the C# programming language.

With Xamarin support, Realm now covers Android, iOS, JavaScript and .NET.

Realm tells The Next Web it was working on Xamarin support for over a year. When we spoke with Xamarin, it told us that while the company was aware and supportive of those efforts, it only involved itself the past few months to provide guidance.

Xamarin says its main objective with anything it involves itself with is to give its developers the same abilities with C# as Android and iOS developers have. A native-first database was important, and with Realm’s work in supporting Xamarin, the company felt it was a solid partnership.

Though Realm already has deep roots in the enterprise space, native Xamarin support will only accelerate those efforts. It currently boasts large companies like Vine and Starbucks among its users, as well as Alibaba and Macy’s.

Realm itself is growing, too. It recently brought Paul Kopacki (previously of Heroku and Salesforce) on as its CMO, quietly acknowledging it needs a steady hand to guide its efforts on the marketing side.

If you’re wondering if this is a flash-in-the-pan deal now that Microsoft is involved, think again. Both companies say Microsoft is very supportive of Realm and Xamarin working together, with Xamarin telling TNW it trusted Realm’s intent and felt it was a great way to help its developers write great apps.

And that makes sense; Realm began working on the project after a large number of developers requested Xamarin support, and feels it can solve one of the major challenges Xamarin developers face right now.

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