Sympli may be the first plugin designers and developers can agree on

Sympli may be the first plugin designers and developers can agree on

Designers and developers don’t always have a smooth handoff when building apps, but Sympli thinks it can help via its plugin for major IDEs and design environments.

What Sympli offers is a plugin for Sketch (and soon Adobe XD), along with complimentary plugins for Android Studio or Xcode.

When a design team is finished mocking up views, Sympli exports layers as screens and individual assets. The exported products are held in a cloud storage environment, which can be shared to anyone.

From there, developers can import those designs into their IDE. This is where it gets interesting; to get to the good bits, skip to about 4:40 in the video below.

After importing the assets, developers can simply click a few buttons to plug the wireframed app into views, with each asset acting as a standalone feature. Not only does this help with faster iterations of apps, but it allows designers and developers to make changes quickly.

Sympli launched just last week, and the team tells me bugs are being squashed almost as soon as they’re reported. The team also has some interesting new features in mind, but I don’t want to spoil their fun.

Design and Develop on Sympli

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