Super-smart AI epically fails 8th grade science test

Super-smart AI epically fails 8th grade science test
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For every person who is afraid that robots are suddenly going to become sentient and we’ll have to fight a liquid robot sent from the future to kill us and our moms, this story will give you hope that we still stand a chance.

MIT Tech Review reports that the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence held a global contest to see whether modern AI could go beyond “superficial intelligence” — i.e. recognizing a photo of a dog or completing repeating tasks like playing endless games of chess. That test ended up being a real test, in 8th grade science to be exact.

The winner, Israeli contestant Chaim Linhart, used a combination of machine learning techniques and hundreds of thousands of practice questions to prepare his AI for the exam. The machine took the multiple-choice test and answered 59 percent of questions correctly — earning itself a big fat F. Or, perhaps, a Gentleman’s C.

Still, that score is major for an AI to accomplish, even if the test was modified to exclude diagrams and other variables that your average middle-schooler could handle with aplomb.

Moreover, it shows how much larger the channel of intelligence will be to cross for AI. Intelligence isn’t about responding to stimuli — it’s also about critical thinking and decision making. Now, when the robots begin to strategize, that’s when I suggest you panic.

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