IBM Bluemix has 25 new services to make app development and analytics easier

IBM Bluemix has 25 new services to make app development and analytics easier

IBM’s Bluemix cloud platform now has 25 new services to help developers and data scientists build and move data into the cloud.

Included in the marketplace are four new cloud-based data services, one of which has 150 datasets developers can take advantage of:

IBM Compose Enterprise: A managed platform to help development teams build modern web-scale apps faster by enabling them to deploy business-ready open source databases in minutes on their own dedicated cloud servers.

IBM Graph: The first fully managed graph database service built on Apache® TinkerPop that provides developers a complete stack to extend business-ready apps with IoT, real-time recommendations, fraud detection, and network analysis uses.

IBM Predictive Analytics: A new service that allows developers to easily self-build machine learning models from a broad library into applications to deliver the most accurate predictions for specific product use cases, without the help of a data scientist.

IBM Analytics Exchange: A new open data exchange that includes a publicly accessible catalog of more than 150 datasets that can be used for analysis or integrated into applications.

It’s all part of IBM’s continuing effort to support open source development and cloud solutions. The company also open sourced its powerful AI engine, Watson, and created an online sandbox for Swift.

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