Twitter’s new ‘Mobile App Playbook’ is a series of blog posts on how to build apps

Twitter’s new ‘Mobile App Playbook’ is a series of blog posts on how to build apps

Twitter’s Fabric toolkit for developers is often shown off via two apps, Cannonball and Furni. Now, the company is releasing a series of blog posts showing exactly how it made those two apps, which can also be appreciated as best practices for making your own apps.

The first post covers prototyping, design and stability — three tenets that any good app should have.

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Prototyping and design take you from whiteboard to wireframing an app, and encourage developers to do uncomfortable things like get feedback throughout the process. A section on stability dives into beta testing.

Twitter Fabric

While the team at Twitter does highlight a few apps or services out of its scope, it mentions Crashlytics for beta testing in the stability section of this post. The next entry in the series will cover social login, so we can likely expect a little Digits sprinkled in there (gotta mention Fabric stuff, right?).

This is the first of a series of posts, but it’s not going to be dictatorial. Twitter is also encouraging developers to use the #MobileAppPlaybook hashtag to tip their favorite tools or methodology for inclusion in future blog posts.

If you’re getting started with an app — or just want to see how Twitter does it — check it out.

Mobile app playbook: Lessons learned [Twitter Developer]

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