Stockfighter is a game that puts your programming skills to the test

Stockfighter is a game that puts your programming skills to the test
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Stockfighter is designed to challenge programmers of all levels.

Built in the style of a classic ‘Capture the Flag‘ game, it gives you access to a virtual trading market where you have to write code to solve the puzzles you’re presented with.

These challenges span software security, distributed systems, high-frequency trading, and low-level systems programming.

The levels start off easy and are solvable in a few minutes, but as you progress, they become more difficult and time consuming.

The game is divided into two distinct parts – Trading and Jailbreak. In the Trading levels, you have to write code into a HTTP API to control the trading strategies of your virtual market. For the Jailbreak levels, you have to figure out and manipulate assembly code, which lets you gain control of a device that you can use to compromise the market.

The game’s creators say that while it’s made with programmers in mind and could be used in the hiring process to assess someone’s competency, you don’t really need to be familiar with every aspect of programming to play.

So if you feel like exercising your programming skills over the holidays, Stockfighter is available to play online for free now.

➤ Stockfighter [via ProductHunt]

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