21 of our favorite typefaces from August 2015

21 of our favorite typefaces from August 2015

We took a small hiatus for the past couple of months, but now we’re back with more favorite fonts for all your typographic needs. Have a look below:

Oh No Type Co: Hobeaux


For the designer seeking a high performance type family.

➤ Hobeaux

Monotype: Kairos


Kairos successfully melds design distinction and ease of use.

➤ Kairos

Typesketchbook: Noyh


Noyh has a geometric structure with smooth corners – clean and friendly.

➤ Noyh

FontFont: FF Real


Rooted in early static grotesques from the turn of the century.

➤ FF Real

FontFont: FF Hertz


One of the very rare uni-width typefaces, which means each letter occupies the same space in all weights.

➤ FF Hertz

Sudtipos: Salamat


Salamat is an elegant and sophisticated brush script.

➤ Salamat

Laura Worthington: Beloved


Beloved – the hand of a romantic spirit, rendered in ballpoint.

➤ Beloved

Oh No Type Co: Viktor Script


A good companion for any well-deserving designer.

➤ Viktor Script

Fenotype: Vanilla Shot


Vanilla Shot is a smooth script family with two weights and an ornament set.

➤ Vanilla Shot

Insigne: Dever


The flair of the Wild West melded with a shout out to the sign painters and package lettering artists of the 1800s.

➤ Dever

Commercial Type: Sanomat Sans


A geometric sans serif with both display and text variants.

➤ Sanomat Sans

Indian Type Foundry: Tarsus


Tarsus is a sturdy serif typeface optimized for text.

➤ Tarsus

Reserves: Reload Alt Stencil


A rounded industrial geometric stencil typeface.

➤ Reload Alt Stencil

Gestalten: Pulitzer


A contemporary slab serif inspired by the broad nib pen.

➤ Pulitzer

Hanoded: Liquid Embrace


Liquid Embrace is a rough ’n’ ready brush font.

➤ Liquid Embrace

Juliasys: Josef K


Combines a clear, self-confident stroke with the calligraphic features typical of Franz Kafka’s handwriting.

➤ Josef K

Typedifferent: BD Barbeaux


BD Barbeaux is a condensed typeface with the fashionable chic of the French art nouveau.

➤ BD Barbeaux

Juri Zaech: Realtime Text


Realtime Text is a technical yet friendly design with details that serve function and visual impact alike.

➤ Realtime Text

Badson: Ermine


Ermine is derived from one of the most illuminated eras in American History.

➤ Ermine

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